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Street art mural

Meet Janice Jones

I ask myself almost every day, how did I get this involved? I'm retired and should be watching soap operas - NOT!

My journey into the world of arts events and community enrichment began unexpectedly. After starting to paint when living in Mexico, I returned to Virginia needing new teachers. I began taking lots of classes, often traveling long distances. Then one day during a class, I impulsively asked the instructor if she would come teach workshops in Virginia. To my surprise, she said yes, even though I had no prior experience organizing such events. The next class I took, the same thing happened organically. Then again with another instructor after that. Suddenly, I found myself sponsoring workshops and trips with internationally recognized art teachers.

Then I received an unanticipated request from Spotsylvania County (VA) to organize an art event, which became the Spotsy Arts Festival. Thus, my career transition from a cost analyst/contract negotiator to artist  evolved into this newfound passion. After two years of planning, the festival graced the Courthouse lawns for four successful years until outgrowing that venue.

JART Inc. then adapted by relocating the event to Stafford County, again by invitation, under the new name Stafford Arts Festival, allowing it to continue expanding its impact. We've since added new initiatives like partnering with the Menokin Foundation on an annual plein air event that funds local art programs and student scholarships. Classes and events through The Arts Center of Montross generate funds for a separate annual scholarship. Two more major fundraising activities are also in development.

From unexpected beginnings asking instructors to teach local workshops, to now operating a multifaceted organization devoted to culturally enriching events and initiatives, this artistic journey has been an organic evolution born from a passion to make the arts more accessible and supportive for all. Our mission is to create vibrant experiences that nurture artistic expression and education in our communities.

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