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How JArt became a reality and not a dream

What started as an unexpected request has blossomed into a passion for creating artistic experiences that nurture creativity within our communities. JART Inc. began when Spotsylvania County asked our founder to organize an art festival, which seemed unplanned at the time. However, after two years of planning, the Spotsy Arts Festival graced the lawns of the Spotsylvania Courthouse for four successful years.

As the event outgrew its original venue, JART Inc. adapted by accepting an invitation from Stafford County to relocate the festival there, rebranding it as the Stafford Arts Festival to continue the tradition in a new space ready for further growth.

Since then, JART Inc.'s impact has expanded through new partnerships and initiatives.

We currently collaborate with the Menokin Foundation to sponsor an annual plein air event, with proceeds funding local art programs and an annual scholarship for aspiring student artists.

Additionally, we offer a variety of classes and events through The Arts Center of Montross to raise funds for a separate annual art scholarship.

Two more large-scale activities are currently in development, which will also generate funds to support art-related causes in our communities. JART Inc.'s mission is to use our event planning capabilities to create experiences that don't just celebrate the arts, but directly give back to nurturing artistic expression and education.

What began unexpectedly has evolved into a multifaceted organization committed to hosting vibrant festivals, classes, and cultural events that enrich our region's creative landscape while providing vital funding for things like student scholarships, art programs, and other local initiatives. We are passionate about using our skills to make the arts more accessible and supportive within the communities we serve.

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