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What We Do

JART Inc., is a non-profit corporation, whose mission is to create opportunities for artists, artisans and art lovers of all ages in a variety of ways --  

  • We organize/develop/promote and sponsor art programs/projects/events such as

    • Art Festivals, where artists and artisans and display and sell their products

    • Art Sales

    • Art Classes

    • And other fund-raising events that will assist the art community

  • We can assist you with your art event or we can design and host an event for you.

How are our profits are distributed –

  • If we do an event for you, profits will be donated by to you/your organization to be used to promote art programs.

  • If we independently sponsor an event, we use the proceeds to assist with

    • Local Art Programs

    • Art tuition

    • Assistance programs

    • Providing art classes to various non-profit groups at cost or for fund-raising

    • Assistance in developing events for non-profit organizations at cost

    • And other ways yet to be identified that help the art community.

JART Inc., is actively working to establish relationships with prominent community leaders, members and institutions, constantly seeking new partners and affiliations to promote the arts for members and for the public.

JART’s inaugural project was the Spotsy Arts Festival, which ran annually from 2018-2022. We were honored to win the prestigious Virgo Award for Best Small Niche Event in 2019 and 2020.

In 2022, the Spotsy Arts Festival moved to Stafford County by invitation, taking advantage of larger space and collaborating with the Museum and Cultural Center as part of their Discover Stafford effort. Building on that success, the Festival has an exciting new venue lined up for 2024 that will accommodate more vendors, provide excellent parking, and serve as the perfect setting for this marquee event. Mark your calendars now for the first weekend in October annually!

JART Inc.'s ability to coordinate award-winning events like the Stafford (formerly Spotsy) Arts Festival exemplifies our commitment to offering quality arts programming that spreads beauty, creativity, and positivity. We look forward to this next chapter at our new 2024 venue, and to developing more innovative ways to use art's transformative power for community enrichment.

Art Class
Do You Want to Bring Art to Your Community? Do you need help with your event or festival? Contact JART, Inc today to discuss how we can help and support your efforts.
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